Our Very Own Travel Store

Yucatan Outfitters

Our very own online travel store is under construction...but not for long!

Preparation is the key to a great trip packed with happy memories, and although Mexico is in many ways an easy place for foreign visitors, it is still a good idea to have the right "stuff" when going south of the border.

There's a bewildering variety of merchandise for travelers available on the Internet: everything from sub-artic sleeping bags to backpacks for trekking over the Himilayas. Our store, however, is designed specifically with the Yucatan and Mexico in mind. We've done our best to ensure that all the items listed here will be high quality, appropriate for the sub-Tropics, and easy to use.

Watch this space over the next 48 hours. We're putting together handpicked items from some the very best manufacturers to offer you everything you need for a safe, comfortable, worry-free trip to the Yucatan.

Our departments will include:

We look forward to seeing you here. Come back soon!

In the meantime, be sure to check out our bookstore for great titles on the Yucatan and Mexico.

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