The Riviera Maya

Beautiful, Elegant, Sun-bathed Tranquility
Among the Ruins of the Ancient Maya

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The Riviera Maya, a paradisaical stretch of sand running along the eastern coastline of the Yucatan peninsula, is fast becoming the resort area of choice for the more discriminating vacation travelers to Mexico.

We first visited the area some years ago. We were staying in Cancun and decided to take a guided bus tour. It was July and scorching hot, not the best conditions for tramping over Mayan ruins.

Heat aside, it was a wonderful expedition ending late that evening with an espectaculo. This was a nearly three hour live folkloric performance which—ambitiously!—attempted to review the entire history of the Spanish conquest and then, in after the intermission, celebrate the music of all the country's most celebrated regions. Let's just say, we got our money's worth.



The area is a wonderful blend of natural attraction, eco-parks like the enormous Sian Ka'an bio-reserve, wildlife "theme parks" such as Xel-Ha and Xcaret, historic and still mysterious ruins, and, of course, world class beaches and resorts.


Location and Directions

Originally including only the stretch between Playa Del Carmen in the north to the Mayan historical site of Tulum in the south, the Riviera Maya is now more generally considered to be the entire stretch from Cancun to the town of Filipe Carrillo Puerto 25 miles south of Tulum.

Cancun International is the principal airport of all of the Yucatan, though it is now possible to fly into Playa Del Carmen or even Cozumel. Route 307, which runs the entire distance from Cancun to Belize, is the main artery and runs through or very near all the towns and attractions in the area.


Where to Stay

There is ever growing selection of places to stay along the Riviera Maya corridor.

Of course, the places along the beach tend to be either very down market and bohemian (think palm frond thatch and sand floors) or very up-scale.

A beautiful, intimate boutique hotel a short distance from the beach in the town of Tulum itself is Posada Luna Del Sur.


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