The Piedra de Agua Boutique Hotel

Merida, Yucatan

Piedra de Agua Hotel viewed from the street

The Hotel Entrance and Merida's Cathedral
viewed from the street.

A Gem in the City Center

The Piedra de Agua is a gem among Merida's boutique hotels is situated just off the city's lively and spacious zocalo.

Newly renovated both to restore its original 17th century elegance and to provide all the modern conveniences (such as air conditioning in every room), the hotel is a cool, quiet retreat from the heat and happy bustle of downtown Merida.

This small establishment features an elegant white table cloth restaurant and chic poolside bar where hammocks strung under the palms tempt you to procrastinate going for a dip until it's time for dinner.

Our bedroom was spotlessly clean and beautifully laid out in hip minimalist style. Two greatly appreciated luxuries: our own hammock and an air conditioner you could use to chill beer.

You may have noticed that I've mentioned air conditioning twice. Well, Merida is famous for two things: colonial charm and blistering heat...about eight months out of the year. Choose your time visit carefully. Come after November and before April.

But even when the tropical sun is merciless, here you will find a gracious and welcome retreat.

dining room

Dining in the grotto


A good night ahead, sleeping or otherwise

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