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On this page we are starting to list Ebooks about Mexico along with other online resources we believe will be useful to our visitors.

Please note: In addition to these ebook titles, which we offer as handy, easy references, we also have a great selection of Mexico travel books here.

I have a particular fondness for these informal, idiosycratic publications. When I was planning my own move to Mexico, I referred often to books like these. They provide immediately available information, from people with experience and local knowledge to share.

These resources are not only convenient, they are inexpensive. Because the information contained in these digital editions is so personal, it is unlikely to be available from any other source.

Our first two entries are online guides to retiring in Mexico.

  • Home Sweet Mexico.
    This a real nuts n' bolts guide. The second edition is 140 pages long and includes sixteen pages of cultural information, a review of the current cost of living, plus How to choose a house, make choices about health care, getting hooked up with basic services such as a telephone, tips about travel and car rental and humorous anecdotes from the author's own experience.

    A critically important section covers the often bewildering process of completing all the paperwork required for settling down in-country.

  • Retiring in Luxury
    More than just an ebook about Mexico, Retire In Luxury, is a full service website which includes a newsletter subscription, real estate report, and a special section: Mexico Retirement Information Center, a blog with a long list of free articles numerous links to other helpful sites.

    Author Barbie Parks has a particular focus in both this book and her other title "Money Saving Mexico" (available at the same site): How to live in Mexico safely and comfortably.

    I can testify from experience, that while it's still true that the cost of living in Mexico is far below many places in the US, you have to know your way around. Barbie''s book is exactly the resource I wish I had along when I moved to Puebla five years back!

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