Cebollas en Escabeche

by Andrea Smith
(Scottsdale, AZ)

This all purpose condiment is as easy as can be.

Just soak red onion slices in white vinegar and a bit of orange juice and a pinch of salt. Use them like pickles on everything.

The most important thing to remember is always use the freshest products available. The flavors really come through when they're fresh. Cilantro looses so much when stored in the refrigerator for a few days.

When we stayed in Mexico for a few months, I went to the market a few blocks away every day for my fresh ingredients. I know it's much harder to do that here in the states, but if you plan it out, it can be done.

Also, use whatever chiles you want, but you better taste them before you use them! Some are meant to be used in abundance like guajilos. You can make a beautiful red sauce from them. But as for others like Arbol: you'll be in trouble deep if you use too many!

Rick Bayless, although American, is one of the best Chefs to teach how to cook authentic Mexican. He has spent so much time exploring and learning with people in all regions of Mexico. He brings back what he learns and adapts it to work in an American kitchen and lifestyle. His latest, book, Mexican Everyday is just wonderful.

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