Playa del Carmen Resorts

Playa del Carmen resorts offer a tranquil alternative to Cancun's densely packed and often over-stimulated Hotel Zone.

Located just a short drive south down route 301 (which travels all the way from Cancun to Chetumal, the state capital), the resorts along the beach in Playa are an outgrowth of the towns continuing popularity.

Playa itself retains its charm. Once merely a ferry stop for those heading to Cozumel, the village has grown into a trendy but still lovely, if slightly bohemian, destination, the northern end of the fashionable Riviera Maya.

(You can read more about Playa here.)

The resorts in the area fall basically into two categories. There are the properties in town, which tend to be smaller and older but retain an authentic colonial ambiance, and the big resorts outside of town, which are typically modern, high-end, full service establishments catering to a not-too-adventurous foreign tourist.

For example, the Blue Parrot, more sedate than its namesake in the movie Casablanca is located right off 5th Avenue, the town's main drag. The afternoon we visited the hotel was quiet-- almost too quiet!--colorful and attractively decorated. For those interested in a convenient location, the Blue Parrot would be hard to beat, though I imagine noise might be an issue during, for example, Spring Break.

Take a short walk to the southeast, and you'll find the hotel's beach property, one of Playa's original beach clubs, beautifully situated...if you don't mind being right next to Senor Frogs!

There are plenty of other options as well. Although many of the big foreign chains have not yet arrived in the immediate vicinity, there are large upscale resorts such as the Hacienda Vista Real and Spa right of Avenida Constituyentes which leads directly from 301 to the ferry terminal on the beach.

Here's a link to a Google map that nicely shows the lay of the land. Then for a complete list of Playa del Carmen resorts and hotels, visit our Playa Hotel list.

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