Cancun Tourist Information

Cancun tourist information is widely available online; in fact, it's everywhere.

A quick search on Google will turn up hundreds of results, and one could easily spend most of a day going through it all.

Unfortunately, chances are that most of it won't apply to you or be very helpful when it comes to actually planning the trip you have in mind.

For this reason, we thought it would be useful to gather up whatever we could find that would be useful to mature travelers wishing to spend time in the Yucatan and put it here, all in one place.

The information is organized in the following categories:

Helpful Information on

As it is the mission of this site to provide visitors with helpful information, we've done most of the work for you already.

A good place to start looking for Cancun tourist information is our overview of the Yucatan. Here you'll find a map, a brief description of the Yucatan peninsula. We discuss its political organization into the three states of Yucatan, Quintana Roo and Campeche, and other areas of interest such as history, weather and topography.

Cancun, of course, is a hugely popular destination within this area. So is Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen and Tulum. All these places are within an easy drive of Cancun's Hotel Zone, and the city is a great "jumping off" place for more thorough exploration of the peninsula.

We have Must See n' Do page as well. This is organized by state and by the type of attraction: "Archaeological Treasures," "Spanish Colonial Delights," "Natural Wonders," and "Just Plain Fun." This page is always growing, so check back regularly.

Also, check out our pages for planning an easy stress-free trip.

We have a lot more too: culture, excursions, Mayan history, even a recommended 10 stop itinerary.

Make yourself at home, and let us know what else you'd like to see us include.


Cancun Tourist Information elsewhere on the Internet

The internet provides a wealth of information about everything imaginable relating to the Yucatan. The problem, as we mentioned above, is navigating through all this to the tips and facts you actually need.

In making our recommendations, wanted to find sites that offered more than just the ability to make hotel reservation or book a flight. We wanted sites with rich content and a strong, "on-the-ground" authority that comes from experience.

We've found three marvelous websites, each with a slightly different angle and appeal, but all very well organized, easy to use and filled with helpful and interesting content.

Yucatan Today. This is an outstanding site, full of reviews, photos, editorial pieces, history, culture..the works! Its focus is on the State of Yucatan and it will be more useful for those heading across the peninsula from Cancun. In any case, it will give you at least a virtual tour of the rich culture and many attractions in the general area.

LocoGringo. This is another highly professional website. It focuses on the entire Yucatan peninsula. There is more than enough Cancun tourist information--with page after page about the Maya Riviera and Yucatan State--with gorgeous photos that will make you want to run upstairs and pack. Loco Gringo...don't leave home without it!

WikiTravel (Yucatan). Not surprisingly, WikiTravel, a spin-off of the Wikipedia phenomenon, is a rich resource filled with great background material. This includes articles on culture and history that will add depth and dimension to your trip. And don't forget Wikipedia itself. For the thoughtful traveler curious about other cultures and traditions, the Wikipedia resources are invaluable.


Books, Maps, Guides, etc.

We have an online bookstore on yucatan-vacations-for-seniors with links to several recommended travel books filled with Cancun tourist information. Our list includes The Lonely Planet Guide, Route of the Mayas, etc. These include maps, as will others you'll find at your local bookshop.

Personally, I've found most of these to be unhelpful, mostly due to the constraints of trying to pack a lot of geographic data into a book that you can keep in your pocket. The Lonely Planet Guide, for example, has an overview map in color but with very little detail. Then, scattered throughout the book there are detailed maps of regions, towns and cities, but you have to keep flipping back to the overview map for context.

Other guidebooks tend to be worse than this, with skimpy little maps that aren't much good for anything except a very general orientation.

Our advice: make do with these until you get there. Then go buy the Guia Roji. These are map books with very detailed information and are available all over place. Check at Walmart, Sanborns or any decent books store. Many Pemex gas station stores will carry them as well. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be available outside Mexico, but it should be just about the first thing you buy when you get there.


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